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OO La La….My favorite for Luxury Fashion


DiorEverybody has a favorite.   Favorite book, favorite movie, favorite musician….  and of course now, favorite website.

So here is one of my favorites for looking at trends in fashion.   Creative, sexy, well-designed, original and highly international, this website ‘gets-it’ in my view.

www.Dior.com .   Click and enjoy.


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A Must Watch… (Clothing Optional)…


Pink Shoe


If ever you are looking for an quick and easy ‘lift’, take a plunge into this absolutely beautiful luxury website. http://www.20ltd.com is a visual extravaganza combining the three senses of sight, sound and feel. Beautiful art, beautiful music and beautiful products. Creatively presented, this ‘calendar of luxury’ is truly unique.

Turn up the volume.  They say you can dance naked in your kitchen while viewing this site. Sounds like a plan.




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