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New Year’s Resolutions … Save and Go Green!


imagesFor most people around the globe,  as they watch the clock strike twelve on December 31st,   the New Year symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow.     And for many,  that includes a resolution of ‘trimming’ … trimming a waistline,  trimming excess spending and trimming wasted time.   This clever money saving article by Roberta Murphy identifies ways to trim all three  …   squeezing every inch out of every penny while at the same time  increasing your own personal green initiative!   A fine New Year’s resolution, I would say!

1. Pack a healthy lunch, fill a Thermos of coffee, and spare the environment another plastic bottle by carrying water in a reusable container.   Roberta’s son Eric, now saves at least $5 per day out of his pocket. Take away a couple of dollars, max, for ingredients, and you are still dollars ahead.

2. Paste a sticker that says, 800-FREE-411 (or 800-373-3411) onto both your cell and home telephone. Instead of paying your telephone service up to $3.50 for a telephone number, why not listen to a 10-second commercial and get the number for free? Makes sense to me. Read the rest of this entry »

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