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P5120398I have been blessed.  I know that.  Aside from a wonderful childhood and youth of my own, I have three remarkable children.   I mean REMARKABLE.   They are each different, but all SO  fun, engaging, smart, independant and talented.

A friend recently came across a small photo album that my daughter had made after a fun weekend.  How wonderful that she saved it!  My daughter had carefully captioned and embellished each page … simple yet so meaningful.  And to this day,   my daughter will still always put together little things to ‘make the moment special’…. whether its a photo album, place card, notes around the house, treasure hunts, birthday crowns, surprises,  etc.!    When I think about it,  each Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day,  Halloween & Christmas and even ‘made-up’ holidays such as half birthdays,  she has done something to make the day memorable!   It doesn’t take much (though my daughter never ceases to amaze me!)  and even a very small gestures can mean the world to someone. I am one of the luckiest mom’s in the world.

We have so many fun memories … of fireside ‘shows’, strawberry picking, playing in the mud, getting out the hat box, etc. etc….

At the end of the day,   all we have are our memories.     And those memories are grounded in quality time,  laughter,  thoughtful gestures and love.     These are the precious moments that become our claim to immortality, the traditions and thoughtfulness that define who we are and the legacies that we pass on.  Enjoy each day and do a little something to make someone else’s day today.   That is a luxury for you as well as for someone else ~ costing nothing and priceless in value.   Luxuriously simple …   Life-changingly special.

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