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I believe.



The Olympics.  The best of the best.  Achieving Dreams.  Believing.   The power of now.

On the morning of the Opening Ceremonies,  I wake up with such a feeling of quiet excitement.  A beginning.  Dreams coming true.  Achieving the impossible.  Breaking records.  Personal Bests.   Becoming a Legacy.

There is no question that the Olympics represent excellence.  I love everything about the Olympics.  The goals, the hard work, the dreams, the global unity, the competition and the pride.   Here we go.   Embrace the Olympics for it’s search for excellence.  And then … in your own quiet way…  carry your own torch.   Here’s to the Olympics.  Here’s to breaking records.  Here’s to surpassing expectations.  Here’s to personal bests and here’s to achieving the unachievable.

I believe … do you?

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