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summer_readingHow do you define luxury?   Is it sitting in a chair of fine leather watching a 42″ surround sound TV covered in a blanket of brown fur while being served caviar and champagne from your host’s staff?  Is it skiing the steepest and the deepest champagne powder with face-shots in endless terrain followed by laughs with great friends and multiple bottles of Dom Perignon?   Or is it …. simply enjoying the unexpected … appreciating what you have … sharing your passions?

I am sharing the attached which was circulated by a work colleague today.   We see each other on occasion at meetings,  share business ideas and talk shop …. but this was inspirational to receive.  How nice to share a ‘non-business’ idea amongst business colleagues!   THEREIN lies the luxury.   People who share business beliefs,  embrace other mutual beliefs.   How fulfulling and rewarding…  And how fun to know that the people you work with have the same – yet different – multiple layers that you do.

Not to mention the unquestionable luxury of getting lost in a good book!   So all you book club goers …. INDULGE!!!  And please SHARE!


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