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Ladies On Red…..The Red Carpet!


[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJGbMdDClSI[/youtube]    It being the day of the 81st Academy Awards in Los Angeles,   I thought it would be fun to focus on ‘Luxurious Fashion’ for a moment.      The Academy Awards are a ‘must-see’ event for all film lovers,   and Academy Award fashion is equally as closely watched by the fashion conscious.    The red carpet prelude is as watched as ‘American Idol’ these days and the discussions that follow equally as memorable as Simon Cowles remarks in  gaining – or not – fashion icon status.       Here are a few of the looks which graced the red carpet at last year’s event…  and my Oscars go to…..George Clooney  (sorry, I’m a GIRL!).   OK….  Heidi Klum!

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