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Hands on the merchandise!



Surface Technology. The Wave of the Future. Microsoft has recently unveiled it’s hottest new product. A new type of computer that has arrived in the unusual form of – a coffee table. This project, code-named Milan, unveils an incredible new computer surface offering hands on browsing of photo-albums, maps and menus. Organize, drag, resize and play with photos as though they were real photos. Your hand becomes the mouse. A paradigm in computer technology. Multi-touch displays encouraging direct contact with the glass itself.

Mind blowing? Yes. This allows us to have direct interaction with objects on the surface of the table. The table combines physical with virtual worlds. It allows instant transfers of information between wireless devices. A whole new world. A whole new category of computers.

Don’t miss the wave.

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Lavish and divine…The US ‘Top Ten’ Most Expensive Homes



Location, location, location.   The three cardinal rules of real estate.  But what makes a home worth $75,000,000?   The StyleGroup has ranked the US ‘top ten’ most expensive homes.  At the top of the list, is Palm Beach magnate Nelson Peltz 60,000 square foot home.  Next,  Peter Guber is selling his home in Aspen for $63,000,000.  Five of the next eight homes are located in New York.   Washington and Los Angeles are there too.   Read and enjoy.  Don’t forget your checkbook.


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Luxurious thought of the day…



New knowledge is the most valuable commodity Malcolm Forbes.


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Luxurious Romance! What a woman wants…



Gorgeous guys, Great Song, Awesome job.  

This is how to treat a woman.

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In Search of Seclusion; World’s 10 Most Romantic Hotels


TowelsWhy, oh why, do I love Paris….. Though ranked number 2, L’Hotel, located in the heart of Paris, is seductive and an experience not to be missed. In the City of Romance.

Not to be outdone by nine others.  Read Read the rest of this entry »

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And the Oscar goes to… The top 100 Golf Courses in the World


Cap Cana I don’t know about you, but I am always searching for the best.  The best restaurant, the best cup of coffee, the best fallen chocolate cake.   I read, I travel and I surf the net.  And I strive to be the best…or perhaps better to say that I strive to do my best at whatever I do.  Whether it is in the office,  on the tennis court,  on the fairway.   I work hard and continually try to improve.


If you are a golfer (which I like to pretend I am), you will enjoy reading through and visualizing these top 100 golf courses around the world.  I like to mentally play the holes as I visualize the layout and make my own list of the courses that one day I would truly love to play.  And I was surprised to realize how many of these courses I actually had played…Cypress Point, St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Ballybunion,  Turnberry, Pinehurst,  The Country Club and Muirfield in the top 40.  Not bad for a novice. 


But the Oscar in my view goes to the Dominican Republic.  Well known for Casa de Campo and the famous ‘Teeth of the Dog’ (with a bark as well as a bite!),  this has often been referred to as ‘the Carribean’s most complete resort’.  Now,  neighboring Casa de Campo to the South is luxurious Cap Cana.  A spectacular links course designed by Jack Nicklaus,  this course will bring even the most experienced golfer to his knees.  Nothing that can’t be cured by the spas, dark rum and white sand beaches which await you at the 19th hole.


Luxurious.  Decadent.  Beautiful and Spectacular.



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Faceshots and Champagne…Sinfully Nice!!!


HeliskiingEleven skiers, One guide.  Endless blankets of freshly fallen snow.  The sounds of silence.  An infinity of mountains.

You drop off a small cliff into a pillow of untracked snow beneath you. And another. And another.  Snow brushes past your face and flies into your mouth.   Powder.  Champagne powder.

This is heli-skiing.  Adventure skiing at it’s finest.

Miles from where you started, the helicopter skirts you to new terrain.  Untracked glaciers, flumes, chutes and bowls.  3000 foot verticle descents.  And that’s only one run.

After a week with Canadian Mountain Holidays,  the world’s largest and finest helicopter ski company, you may be honored to have earned your name etched in gold on a placque on the wall.  That’s for the 200,000 foot super-achievers.  200,000 feet skied in one week.

And the ‘Million-foot’ club?   That’s right.  Once you have skied 1,000,000 feet you are honored with a free (depending on how you look at it!) Bogner ski suit.   And if you are lucky, a bottle of Dom (or two) will be uncorked as well.

I remember saying on my first trip, “If I die doing this,   it  was worth it”.   That was 8 trips ago.  And I am still saying it.

Sinfully fun.   Simply the best.

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