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Is May Day a lost tradition?…. The World’s Most Decadent Parties.


When I was a young girl, every year on the first of May a hanging basket filled with flowers was magically bestowed upon the doorknob of our front door.   It was always a beautiful sight after a long winter, and always a surprise.  As it turned out, there was an elderly woman living next door who was the ‘May Day fairy’ adorning our home and many of our neighbors homes with these heartwarming baskets.The first of May also happens to be my son’s birthday.   It was a  very happy event 18 years ago…. and it is hard to believe that today he will be eighteen.  So many memories packed into those years and the first of May continues to be a wonderfully happy day in this household.

 So when Forbes published it’s article entitled  ‘In Pictures: World’s Most Decadent Parties’ identifying  these around the world global extravaganzas, I decided that –  in the spirit my son’s eighteenth birthday and the wonderful tradition of May Day – this would be an appropriate time to write about these Most Glamorous Events.   Trade in those winter blues for dancing shoes!  These are the places to see and to be seen, offering glamor, glitz and a year full of memories.    Mark your calendars!!!

New Years Eve, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA                                          Dec 31-Jan1

Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil                                                            Feb 2 – Feb 5

Mardi Gras, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA                                        Feb 2 – Feb 5

Gay Pride Parade,  San Francisco, CA USA                                        June 28- June 29

The Running of the Bulls,  Pamplona, Spain                                        July 6 – July14

Bastille Day, Paris, France                                                                     July 14

The Love Parade,  Dortmund, Germany                                             Aug 25 – Sep 1

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany                                                            Sept 20 – Oct. 5


One more ‘Not-to-be-Missed’  in the eyes of the author, is LA’s ‘Grammy’ Celebrations.   Typically the second Sunday in February, Los Angeles hosts this diamond and star-studded event.  The red carpet is adorned with beautiful people and beautiful fashion.  Only outdone by pinnacle musical performances  by the world’s leading musical artists.  

And where is May Day celebrated in fashion?    Please post your comments….

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    Great idea, we need to make this happen!


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