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Make Money as the Dollar Falls…The Multicurrency Method is a Win-Win!


Canadian Dollar“The US is on sale!” That is what anyone with a mind on international real estate is saying right now. And it’s true! With a strong Euro and a strong Canadian dollar, there has never been a better time to invest in the US real estate market. Even if the real estate market stays the same or falls, with small shifts in currency the global investor has the opportunity to make money.

Rocket science? Not by a long shot. It’s basic instinct. Creative thinking. Currency fluctuations and swings in the real estate market can work together for the International Investor. This is the global advantage. And it can make millions.

One of my favorite online publications is International Living. Smart, savvy news, ideas and tips for people with an international outlook.

This week International Living published the following article on Multicurrency Investments. Gary Scott shares his investment secret.

There’s an old saying: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Enjoy the feast…!

How I learned a 36-year-old financial secret over breakfast at Raffles Hotel.

I can show you exactly how this same secret could earn you more than 265% per year…
shield you from the greenback’s plummet…
and insulate you from the Recession of 2008.

Dear International Living reader,

My name is Gary Scott. I’m not clairvoyant…I have no special powers.

But I do know a clear economic signal when it hits me over the head…and a big one hit me during a trip to the Far East on May 5, 1971.

I was having breakfast at Singapore’s historic Raffles Hotel…one of the perks of being a successful young financial hotshot selling US securities overseas.

I was good at my job. I was confident, relaxed, and completely in command (I thought) of the economic principles I used in my business.

One of those principles was that the US dollar was the rock-solid benchmark currency of the world.

In those days, the dollar was backed by a dependable relationship with something real…gold. Like the sun rising each morning, the world knew exactly what a dollar would be worth from day-to-day.

Over breakfast on Raffles’ terrace that morning in 1971, I opened the Singapore Straits Times and discovered that my world…everybody’s world…had changed in the time it took to read a three-word headline.

“US Dollar Devalues.”

The unthinkable had happened. America had severed the long-standing link between the dollar and gold.

For the first time in decades, no one knew how much a dollar was really worth.

International currencies markets convulsed.

Broke…With A Pocketful of Dollars

Back then, I traveled with nothing but US dollars. All Americans did. The world wasn’t yet run by credit cards. Until that fateful day in May, you could go anywhere in the world with nothing but dollars in your pocket. They were, literally, as good as gold.

In the wink of an eye, all that changed.

I found myself in the most famous hotel in Singapore with a wad of US dollars…unable to pay my hotel bill. I couldn’t even pay for breakfast! No one would take my dollars…not even the money changers would touch them.

I was terrified. In the time it took to eat breakfast, I’d gone from being a successful international businessman to being a penniless beggar thousands of miles from home.

By that evening, the newly unhinged dollar finally found a temporary value on world currency markets, and I was able to pay my bills.

But I’ve always remembered the lesson I learned that day, stranded in the most historic hotel in Singapore, my pockets stuffed with dollars as worthless as scrap paper.

The lesson was simple…never again trust the US dollar, or any other single currency.

The Simple Truth No US Stock Adviser Wants You To Know

That lesson has served me well for three and a half decades, because since that day, the value of the dollar has been spiraling steadily downward.

And that’s a fact that no American money manager or investment adviser wants you to know…since becoming unhinged from gold, the dollar has been losing value faster than safe and reasonable dollar investments can cover.

Even if you’d started 36 years ago with a portfolio of dependable, low-risk, value-oriented investments earning six percent a year in dollars, you’d lose buying power.

That’s right…36 years of rock-solid six percent annual returns on dollar-denominated investments would leave you in the hole!

That’s because in the past 36 years the dollar has lost 75% of its real value against other major currencies.

Can you imagine any investment adviser selling US investments in US dollars telling that to their clients?

But that’s exactly what I saw coming back then in Singapore.

And that’s precisely why I’ve made millions since then.

After that frightening day in 1971, I quickly learned the basic rules of profiting in an unpegged world of floating, fiat currencies …and those principles have served me well ever since.

They’re simple, low-risk, value-oriented principles.

And they can make you rich, too.

I’ll Teach You How To Rise Above the Dollar

When the dollar falters, the global economy shudders, and when the dollar takes a plunge like the one we’re experiencing now, the result is global market chaos.

But the world is still a big place, and there are always currencies…and companies…that can weather the storm…even prosper…over the long term.

In fact, it’s almost laughably easy to pick these currencies and companies! With some simple skills and the right information, you can build an investment portfolio that not only shields you from the gut-wrenching fall of the dollar but also churns out incredible profits at the same time.

This is exactly how I’ve profited handsomely for nearly 40 years.

Would learning how to do that yourself be worth your while?

If your answer is yes, I have great news for you.

“I was so overwhelmed with information I received I had to spend several days reading, sorting and filing it! I have decided to move my modest investment capital overseas.”

Proven Profit Models In Your Hands

Recently, in conjunction with one of the safest, most secure banks in Europe, I’ve developed a set of investment portfolios that in the past two years have earned 57%…120%…even 263.67% in one example I’ll show you in a moment.

And I can give you the skills and resources to put together exactly the same kinds of portfolios.

That’s right…I can teach you, up close and personal, exactly how to create and manage your own reduced-risk, profit-rich portfolios.

But a word of warning. If you’re looking for specific stock picks or magic trading bullets or quick hits that earn millions overnight…quit reading now.

That’s not what I teach.

However, if your goal is to gain the powerful, real-world knowledge to earn profits that far outstrip the value drained away by a constantly falling US dollar, read on.

The Key that Unlocks Global Profits

Listen carefully, because I’m about to give you the core of my proven profit method.

“I would like to say how much I enjoyed the information I received.”
A.B. Providenciales TURKS & CAICOS

You have to use money to invest. But, as I learned 36 years ago, you can’t trust the dollar…it’s on a steady fall that actually strips profits from you. In fact, you can’t trust any single currency…none of them are backed by gold or anything else of real value.

So if you can’t trust any single currency, what can you use to invest?

It’s deceptively simple. Use them all!

I call it Multicurrency Investing, and it’s remarkably easy…if you know the basic principles.

And those are exactly the principles I’ve developed over the past three and a half decades.

The “Sleepy” Multicurrency Profit Model

“Again, many thanks for introducing me to Jyske Bank. Please continue your good work to enlighten your readership.”

My multicurrency investment strategy doesn’t require nail-biting computer trading sessions at dawn or anxious evenings in front of the television waiting for the next round of bad news and dire predictions.

The multicurrency strategies I teach are slow and sleepy. For me, slow and sleepy mean SAFE…and that’s exactly why I can happily skip the gloom-fest on the evening financial news and smile when I get my statements.

My investment strategy simply doesn’t need complicated razzle-dazzle. It’s purposely designed to let you laugh off the gyrations of the dollar and the stomach-churning swings in the stock market.

But when I say slow and sleepy, I don’t mean unprofitable…not by a long shot.

In fact, I mean very, very profitable. Let me explain.

The Hands-Off Money Machine

In 2005, I decided that I would reveal the method behind my 36-year run of profit.

But when I decided to start teaching this powerful strategy, I knew I’d need to prove that my method really does work like gangbusters.

So in 2005 I assembled a model portfolio of international funds designed using my principles of multicurrency investing. I designed it strictly as an educational tool…I didn’t put any money into it myself, and I didn’t ask anyone else to risk a dime either.

Once the portfolio was assembled, I didn’t touch it for an entire year. (I like them sleepy, remember?)

At the end of the first year I made five simple adjustments. Which is to say, I dropped two of the funds and added three others following the simple principles of multicurrency investing that I teach.

Then I ignored the portfolio for another entire year.

It doesn’t get much sleepier than that.

The results? An incredible 114.16% growth!

A Crop of Profit from Going Green

In 2007, I mixed it up a bit. I made different portfolio choices based on different global economic conditions (conditions that aren’t hard to recognize…I teach you to easily identify them yourself.)

One big change for 2007…I added an international, multicurrency Green portfolio to the mix.

(Personally, I’m a big believer in sustainability and “green” investing. I like making a lot of money…and I like doing it in a way that helps produce a healthy, livable world for me and my family to spend it all in!)

But no matter what your own stand on environmental issues, the profits of my Green portfolio may impress you.

2007 Green Portfolio: + 266.30%

That’s right…more than 266% growth! Now that’s what I call good for anybody’s environment!

Now you know why I don’t worry about the dollar…or about any other single currency…or about the short-term flips and twists of the US economy.

I haven’t had to worry about them for nearly 40 years…and the results speak for themselves.

How You Can Dependably Profit on the Multicurrency Path

You can imagine that with +266% performance, my method has attracted quite a bit of attention…and it has.

But here again, I want to warn you…

I want to give you the keys to the kingdom…not one-hit wonders.

This isn’t a stock picking scheme or a hot tip service.

The model portfolios I use to teach you the powerful principles in multicurrency investing are made of real funds in real markets and they make real returns…but their purpose is to teach you how to pick, not what to pick.

Call me an old fashioned, but experience has taught me well that the old saying is as true today as it ever was: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

“You are as good as your word which is rare these days.”

If you want hot tips, go to the racetrack. You’ll find lots of other poor souls there trying to get rich quick. Some of them might even ask you for a buck or two to help them hit today’s “sure thing”.

But if you want the knowledge, the skills…they keys that can unlock a lifetime of worry free profit…then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll put those keys in your hand.

Here’s how it works…

The Course That Can Change Your Life…Starting Now!

I call it the Multicurrency Investments Course, and I’ve designed it to be more effective, intuitive, and interactive than any investment method I know of.

The course provides two critical levels of education:

Part One – The Beginner’s Guide to Multicurrency Portfolios. This detailed overview gives you the basic, on-the-ground knowledge you need to thoroughly understand and lock in the principles of multicurrency investing.

With this Guide, you could easily go out and start investing internationally in non-dollar stock, funds, and other instruments.

But Part Two is the heart of the Multicurrency Investments Course…the part that will make you a master of multicurrency investing:

Part Two – Real Time, Real World Portfolio Tracking and Assessment

This is where the model portfolios come in, supercharging your learning curve and taking you through the simple yet powerful principles of multicurrency investing in real time, with real results.

In Part Two of the Multicurrency Investments Course, we introduce you to five distinct and specialized multicurrency portfolios that I’ve developed specifically for this course using my proven international multicurrency investing principles. Then, via regular e-mails and special reports sent directly to your inbox, we track these portfolios in real time for a year.

“In spite of my marketing experience, your information really got me going!”

This is a totally novel way to learn…real time from real portfolios as they perform in the marketplace…right before your eyes.

All along the way, you learn the inside story about the individual funds…the specific reasons they were included in the model portfolios…the exact reasons for their performance.

And all the while, I teach you the skills and give you the knowledge and background to build your own portfolio, tailored to your specific goals.

Get All the Benefit…Without the Risk

And perhaps the best part of my method is that you risk nothing.

The model portfolios we track and study are made of real funds reacting in real time to real global economic conditions, but neither I nor any of my students put money into them.

The profits you reap from the Multicurrency Investments Course are the skills and specialized knowledge you’ll use to build and manage your own international multi-currency portfolios…the ones that can carry you through to a lifetime of profit.

“Once again thanks for all the great information.”

Start following the principles in The Guide to Multicurrency Portfolios…and applying them to the examples presented in the Model Portfolios…and you can start getting out from under the falling dollar and securing your future wealth immediately.

What Price Financial Freedom?

How much does it cost to learn the skills that can serve you for a lifetime of profit and freedom from the ever-shrinking dollar?

It may surprise you.

Remember when I mentioned teaching a man to fish?

How much would it be worth to learn how to haul in boatloads of profit for a lifetime?

The knowledge and skills I’m prepared to share with you can provide could be every bit as priceless to you.

Just the basic principles and detailed lessons I’ll personally walk you through could cost well into the thousands of dollars.

But I can’t…I won’t…ask anyone to go into debt to get out of debt. That makes about as much sense as currency that isn’t back by anything.

I also can’t ask anyone to commit to a strategy that makes the promises of profit and freedom I make to you now without a chance to at least try it out first.

That’s why, for a limited time only, I want to offer you the nine-lesson Beginner’s Guide to Multicurrency Portfolios and your first full month of in-depth multicurrency investment instruction…for just $1.

That’s right. Here’s what you get:

The nine-lesson Beginner’s Guide to Multicurrency Portfolios — that will firmly ground you in the simple but powerful principles of international multicurrency investing.
The five multicurrency model portfolios — composed of actual working funds of international companies and currencies.
Weekly personal instructions and lesson sent directly to your inbox – communications directly from me to you with up-to-the-minute explanations of shifting global economic conditions and how they, and the multicurrency investing principles you are learning, apply to the model portfolios we’re tracking.
Fair enough? If at the end of your first month of intensive multicurrency training you aren’t convinced that it really does hold the keys to your financial freedom…just cancel your course with one click of your computer.

And keep The Beginner’s Guide to Multicurrency Portfolios…FREE.

However, if you find, as I think you will, that my method is the most eye-opening, knowledge-packed, immediately useful path to financial freedom you’ve ever experienced, you’ll pay just $249 for an entire year.

That’s about 68 cents per day for an entire year’s worth of materials, educational models, weekly lessons and practical insights into what could be the most important and liberating topic you’ve ever studied…your own financial freedom.

I invite you to find out for yourself if my strategy and the enormous multicurrency profit potential is offers is right for you. But you must act now…I can only offer this $1 trial for a limited time.

Click here to order your nine-lesson Beginner’s Guide to Multicurrency Portfolios and your first month of personal multicurrency training for just $1.

It’s the perfect chance for you to get a glimpse “under the hood” of international multicurrency investing for practically nothing.

And if at any time during your first month you decide that my strategy and method isn’t the easiest, most powerful long-term investment strategy you’ve ever experienced, cancel with a simple click of your computer…and keep the Guide to Multicurrency Portfolios as your free gift.

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

Won’t you share this exciting world of financial independence and wealth accumulation with me? Click here now to get your first month of personal insights and instruction for just $1 while this trial offer lasts.

Thank you, and happy investing!


Gary Scott

P.S. With the dizzying fall of the dollar and the looming US recession, the Multicurrency Investments Course has been getting incredible attention. To make sure I can effectively meet the needs of everyone enrolled in the Multicurrency Investments Course, I may be forced to cap registration soon. That’s why I can only offer this special $1 trial offer for a limited time. I urge you, if you care about your financial future, sign up now while enrollment is still open. Click here to get your first month of the Multicurrency Investments Course and your Beginner’s Guide to Multicurrency Portfolios for just $1 while this trial offer lasts.

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