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Unleash Your Inner Sommalier…The Ultimate in Wine Tasting


Wine glass womanBringing you ‘the perfect taste of paradise’.  The Setting:   30,000 feet in the air aboard your private luxury jet.  This is the nervana being created by NY’s Sexy Sommeliers.   

Hopping between Bordeaux, Cotes de Roussillon, Napa Valley, Piedmont and Mendoza in your Lalique crystal glass.   Your private sommalier uncorks a bottle of Krug Brut, Blanc de Blanc Champagne Klos de Mesnil to prime your palate for the elegant pairing of cuisine and wine which awaits you.  After dinner limited edition cigars are coupled with exquisite Pionneau 1969 cognac for an after-dinner digestif and warmth.   Spa service…stress-relieving massage, relaxing pedicure, soothing manicure or all-of-the-above –  when you please.  Known as the ‘perfect palate’. 

A perfect taste of paradise.


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