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Faceshots and Champagne…Sinfully Nice!!!


HeliskiingEleven skiers, One guide.  Endless blankets of freshly fallen snow.  The sounds of silence.  An infinity of mountains.

You drop off a small cliff into a pillow of untracked snow beneath you. And another. And another.  Snow brushes past your face and flies into your mouth.   Powder.  Champagne powder.

This is heli-skiing.  Adventure skiing at it’s finest.

Miles from where you started, the helicopter skirts you to new terrain.  Untracked glaciers, flumes, chutes and bowls.  3000 foot verticle descents.  And that’s only one run.

After a week with Canadian Mountain Holidays,  the world’s largest and finest helicopter ski company, you may be honored to have earned your name etched in gold on a placque on the wall.  That’s for the 200,000 foot super-achievers.  200,000 feet skied in one week.

And the ‘Million-foot’ club?   That’s right.  Once you have skied 1,000,000 feet you are honored with a free (depending on how you look at it!) Bogner ski suit.   And if you are lucky, a bottle of Dom (or two) will be uncorked as well.

I remember saying on my first trip, “If I die doing this,   it  was worth it”.   That was 8 trips ago.  And I am still saying it.

Sinfully fun.   Simply the best.

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