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Is May Day a lost tradition?…. The World’s Most Decadent Parties.


When I was a young girl, every year on the first of May a hanging basket filled with flowers was magically bestowed upon the doorknob of our front door.   It was always a beautiful sight after a long winter, and always a surprise.  As it turned out, there was an elderly woman living next door who was the ‘May Day fairy’ adorning our home and many of our neighbors homes with these heartwarming baskets.The first of May also happens to be my son’s birthday.   It was a  very happy event 18 years ago…. and it is hard to believe that today he will be eighteen.  So many memories packed into those years and the first of May continues to be a wonderfully happy day in this household.

 So when Forbes published it’s article entitled  ‘In Pictures: World’s Most Decadent Parties’ identifying  these around the world global extravaganzas, I decided that –  in the spirit my son’s eighteenth birthday and the wonderful tradition of May Day – this would be an appropriate time to write about these Most Glamorous Events.   Trade in those winter blues for dancing shoes!  These are the places to see and to be seen, offering glamor, glitz and a year full of memories.    Mark your calendars!!!

New Years Eve, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA                                          Dec 31-Jan1

Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil                                                            Feb 2 – Feb 5

Mardi Gras, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA                                        Feb 2 – Feb 5

Gay Pride Parade,  San Francisco, CA USA                                        June 28- June 29

The Running of the Bulls,  Pamplona, Spain                                        July 6 – July14

Bastille Day, Paris, France                                                                     July 14

The Love Parade,  Dortmund, Germany                                             Aug 25 – Sep 1

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany                                                            Sept 20 – Oct. 5


One more ‘Not-to-be-Missed’  in the eyes of the author, is LA’s ‘Grammy’ Celebrations.   Typically the second Sunday in February, Los Angeles hosts this diamond and star-studded event.  The red carpet is adorned with beautiful people and beautiful fashion.  Only outdone by pinnacle musical performances  by the world’s leading musical artists.  

And where is May Day celebrated in fashion?    Please post your comments….

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Luxurious Thought of the Day.


Largo: Do you lose as gracefully as you win?

James Bond: I don’t know, I’ve never lost.

James Bond, 007

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Meet the Incredibles…Incredible air travel, incredible possibilities.


istock_000005563415xsmall.jpgThe Private Jet.    With the advent of  LuxuryAir Jets NetJets, and Skyline Jets ,  more and more people are adopting the habit of private air travel to facilitate air travel between resort home and business destinations.

TheStyleGroup identifies what it believes to be the ‘top 10 Private Luxury Jets’.  Number One is the Boeing Business Jet.  With 91 sold today, this 807 sq foot interior aircraft can be decorated to look like a private home.   For your next birthday celebration?

The list:

1.  Boeing Business Jet

2.  Bombadier Challenger 604

3.  Gulfstream V

4.  Embraer Legacy

5.  Citation X

6.  LearJet 60

7.  Hawker 800 XP

8.  Citation V

9.  Beech Jet 400A

10.  LeerJet 31A/35



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OO La La….My favorite for Luxury Fashion


DiorEverybody has a favorite.   Favorite book, favorite movie, favorite musician….  and of course now, favorite website.

So here is one of my favorites for looking at trends in fashion.   Creative, sexy, well-designed, original and highly international, this website ‘gets-it’ in my view.

www.Dior.com .   Click and enjoy.


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Luxurious thought of the day…


The person who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.

Dale Carnegie

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A Must Watch… (Clothing Optional)…


Pink Shoe


If ever you are looking for an quick and easy ‘lift’, take a plunge into this absolutely beautiful luxury website. http://www.20ltd.com is a visual extravaganza combining the three senses of sight, sound and feel. Beautiful art, beautiful music and beautiful products. Creatively presented, this ‘calendar of luxury’ is truly unique.

Turn up the volume.  They say you can dance naked in your kitchen while viewing this site. Sounds like a plan.




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Make Money as the Dollar Falls…The Multicurrency Method is a Win-Win!


Canadian Dollar“The US is on sale!” That is what anyone with a mind on international real estate is saying right now. And it’s true! With a strong Euro and a strong Canadian dollar, there has never been a better time to invest in the US real estate market. Even if the real estate market stays the same or falls, with small shifts in currency the global investor has the opportunity to make money.

Rocket science? Not by a long shot. It’s basic instinct. Creative thinking. Currency fluctuations and swings in the real estate market can work together for the International Investor. This is the global advantage. And it can make millions.

One of my favorite online publications is International Living. Smart, savvy news, ideas and tips for people with an international outlook.

This week International Living published the following article on Multicurrency Investments. Gary Scott shares his investment secret.

There’s an old saying: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Enjoy the feast…!

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Don’t Light the Candles…The Ultimate Luxury for the Chocoholic


Actress Ali Larter tastes a mantelpiece made of chocolate in the 2008 Godiva Decadence Suite (left). Hanging above the mantelpiece is a chocolate version of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss. More chocolate art features in a Jackson Pollack-inspired painting (right) in the chocolate dining room. Photos: Richard Drew/AP.

A night surrounded by Chocolate. Floor, walls, ceiling, table. Even renowned pieces of art have been recreated in chocolate — including Gustav Klimpt’s ‘The Kiss’ (above left) and a Nelson Pollack abstract (above right). That is what Godiva has created in the ‘ Godiva Decadence Suite’, recently mastered in Manhattan. Everything…and I mean everything…is made and inspired by chocolate. Chandeliers of chocolate crystal, candelabras of dark chocolate, novels  on the book shelves laced with milk chocolate truffles, a chocolate daybed on which to lounge while savoring the chocolate feast surrounding you. This promotional extravaganza has been created by Godiva for one lucky winner. Located in New York’s Bryant Hotel, the grand prize is a flight for two to New York City and a ‘delicious’ weekend for two in the sensational chocolate suite. Coupled with a private chocolate tasting at Godiva by Godiva’s chocolatier Thierry Muret, a chocolate spa experience and a private gourmet meal with elegant wine served bedside in the suite. Oh….and I can’t forget….a one-year supply of Chocolate delivered to your home following your departure, Godiva of course.

The frosting? The experience is truly ‘one of a kind’. Following the weekend, the room is deconstructed so that no one else can share in the same decadent extravaganza.

What will they do next year??? Stay tuned, chocolate lovers.

Photo above: Actress Ali Larter tastes a mantelpiece made of chocolate in the 2008 Godiva Decadence Suite (Courtesy of Brisbane Times.)

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Luxurious thought of the day….


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtfully committed citizens can change
the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

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Unleash Your Inner Sommalier…The Ultimate in Wine Tasting


Wine glass womanBringing you ‘the perfect taste of paradise’.  The Setting:   30,000 feet in the air aboard your private luxury jet.  This is the nervana being created by NY’s Sexy Sommeliers.   

Hopping between Bordeaux, Cotes de Roussillon, Napa Valley, Piedmont and Mendoza in your Lalique crystal glass.   Your private sommalier uncorks a bottle of Krug Brut, Blanc de Blanc Champagne Klos de Mesnil to prime your palate for the elegant pairing of cuisine and wine which awaits you.  After dinner limited edition cigars are coupled with exquisite Pionneau 1969 cognac for an after-dinner digestif and warmth.   Spa service…stress-relieving massage, relaxing pedicure, soothing manicure or all-of-the-above –  when you please.  Known as the ‘perfect palate’. 

A perfect taste of paradise.


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