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A $1400 Mai Tai???? (World’s most decadent cocktails)


istock_000003409890xsmall.jpgAn Opulent Hotel in Northern Ireland. The glass looks pretty ordinary. “It’s all about the rum”, says Sean Muldoon, the potation manager of the Merchant Hotel in Belfast. And according to the Guinness Book of World Records, this $1400 Mai Tai is World’s Most Expensive Cocktail. As it should be! Apparently, there are only six bottles of this 17 year old Wray and Nephey rum from Kingston, Jamaica. Full-bodied, golden and pungent, this is the same rum that inspired “Trader Vic” Bergeron to create the original Mai-Tai (Tahitian for ‘the very best’) cocktail in Oakland, CA in 1944. And the Merchant Hotel has the only bottle available to the public.

Worth the trip? That’s up to you. Or you could always go to the Caouan Raffles Resort in the Grenadines, for a ‘sword martini’. At $300, with a 14-karat handmade sword the size of a swizzle stick to take home, it seems like a bargain!

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